Martes, Marso 8, 2016

This is my Vlog. This picture was taken 3 years ago, when i was 

grade 6, because I seldom take a picture.The picture was taken in 

Bulacan City. The place is good, resorts are very comfortable and 

clean as well. Bulacan is beautiful place so we go around their and 

we go some of the churches.

Bulacan is the first province north of Metro Manila so close that 

many city dwellers do'nt see it as a viable vacation spot. But I found 

out, the province is rich in history and theme parks for the whole 


At the heart of Fareast Asia lies Bulacan—a province in the Republic of the Philippines, situated in the country's Central Luzon Region, north of Manila, the nation's capital. 

Bulacan prides itself for its rich historical heritage. In 1899, the historic Barasoain Church in Malolos City(Bulacan's capital city) is the birthplace of the First Constitutional Democracy in Asia. 

Bulacan is also the cradle of the nation's noble heroes, of great men and women; among them: Marcelo H. del Pilar—"The Great Propagandist," and General Gregorio del Pilar"—The Hero of Tirad Pass." 

Bulacan is also home to many of the country's greatest artists, with a good number elevated as National Artists; among them: the legendary poet Francisco "Baltazar" Balagtas, the musician Nicanor Abelardo, and the nationalist sculptor Guillermo Tolentino

Today, Bulacan is among the most progressive provinces in the Philippines. Its people—the Bulakeño (or Bulakenyo)—are highly educated, enterprising and industrious. 

Bulacan is well-known for the following industries: Marble and Marbleized LimestoneJewelryPyrotechnics,LeatherAquaculture, Meat and Meat ProductsGarmentsFurnitureHigh-Value Crops, and Sweets and Native Delicacies, and a wide variety of high-quality native products

Dubbed as the "Northern Gateway from Manila," Bulacan is indeed an ideal investment destination owing largely to the following factors: Strategic LocationHighly Productive Human ResourcesAbundant Natural ResourcesWell-Developed Infrastructure SupportReasonable Cost for Doing BusinessEffective Government and Private Sector Partnership for InvestmentsFavorable Peace and Order Situation; and Attractive Investments Incentives

Bulacan has fast become an ideal tourist destination, owing to its vital role in Philippine history, and its rich heritage in culture and the arts. The province is popularly known for its historical sitesnostalgic old houses and churchesidyllic ecological attractionsreligious attractionscolorful and enchanting festivalsswimming and various themed attractions; and a wide selection of elegant native crafts and sumptuous delicacies. It is also home to numerous resortshotelsrestaurants, and other recreational facilities. 

The Province of Bulacan, Philippines offers everything that you can ever hope for. An ideal and peaceful community. A committed government. A haven for business and investments. A perfect vacation getaway

We invite you to please come and visit us. Experience only the Best. Experience Bulacan.

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